the myths (and legends) of feminism

Many people are concerned that today, the feminist movement seems to be loosing it’s momentum. This is due partially to the fact that many people are hesitant to label themselves feminists. They’ll say “I’m not a feminist, but I am for equality.” But surely feminism and gender equality are the same things? Feminism is “the […]

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Today, I was sitting on a beach near where I live, reading a book and watching my younger siblings building sandcastles and then  destroying them, when I started writing this list. I thought that it was cute, so I decided to post it here:) drive-in cinemas that moment at a concert when the band first […]

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june favourites~

In the month of June, I redecorated my room, saw The 1975, Justin Bieber and Halsey in concert, went to art galleries & the zoo, took trains with my best friend and listened to good new music. And I’d also like to mention that I got my school report back and I nailed my exams!! […]

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love trumps hate

During a Colorado rally last October, Donald Trump waved around an upside-down Pride flag while the crowd cheered him on. Trump promised to stand-up for LGBT Americans, although during his time in office he has taken zero action, and has only set back LGBT Americans’ progress. This post explains some ways in which Trump has […]

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